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The faculty participates in the 5th World Congress of Latvian Scientists with a demonstration and a poster presentation

Attēla autors: No LLU arhīva

From June 27 to 29, the World Congress of Latvian Scientists "Science for Latvia" is being held for the fifth time.

As this year's main themes are digital transformation, green transformation and the impact of science, faculty researchers submitted their own topics.

After the analysis of the applications, the demonstration of the solutions created by the Virtual and Mixed Reality Laboratory was selected for the technology demonstration, as well as the stand report "Virtual and mixed reality study course and laboratory as part of future hybrid studies", which was presented by Andrejs Paura and Gatis Vitols.

During the demonstration of the laboratory's solutions, the visitors could familiarize themselves with the professional as well as student-created VR applications, which were demonstrated by student representatives - Anželika Maslovska and Eduards Jākobsons.

Also Andrejs Paura and Gatis Vītols demonstrated the implementation and real-life applications of 3D scanning for both execution of hybrid studies and commercialization. Several visitors to the stand also came up with new ideas for the use of these technologies in specific industries - developing a training simulator for diabetes patients, creating a 3D catalog of fruits, etc.

Submitted on: 29/06/2023