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Internship (Professional practice)

Students at internship place

Depending on the programme internship for bachelor programme takes place during 3rd or 4th year of the studies. Please follow the study plan for detailed information.

Most of our students, upon graduating from bachelor's level studies, have found a job in one of the IT companies in Latvia or abroad, for example A/S "Emergn Latvia", "Accenture Latvia", A/S "Rix Technologies", LLC "Meditec", LLC "TET", LLC "WeAreDots", LLC "Autentica", LLC "X Infotech", LLC "D8 Corporation", LLC "Tilde", and others.

Top 10 most popular internships for our students (since 2013)

  1. A/S "Emergn Latvia"
  2. "Accenture" Latvia
  3. LLC "D8 Corporation"
  4. LLC "TET"
  5. AS "Latvenergo"
  6. If P & C Insurance Ltd Latvia
  7. BBIT, LLC
  9. C.T.CO, LLC
  10. TestDevLab, LLC

Students also go on internships at LLC Visma Labs, LLC Ernst & Young Baltic, State Revenue Service, LLC "Tieto Latvia", Tele2 Service Shared Service Center, LLC Autentica, LLC "Meditec", LLC "Geta Latvia", A/S "ELKO Grupa ", A/S "Rix Technologies", LLC "X Infotech", LLC "Tilde" and in other companies and state institutions.

Internship (practice) is managed using our developed system

If students have any difficulties to find internship, faculty is ready to assist students. First students must consult study programme director or internship supervisor from LBTU side.